From the owner, Mark Keefner – I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona descended from Hungarian Gypsies, I guess that’s why my family loved to travel! We took many exciting road trips through the magical lands of Northern Arizona – The Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Window Rock & Montezuma’s Castle are a few of the ancient wonders that filled my childhood memories with respect for the harmony between nature and the people who’s voices still echo through these lands.

It is in the Spirit of this harmony that we proudly serve our Native American customers everywhere. Our passion for service, advice on best products & pricing and light speed shipping are the golden touchstones of our company. We sincerely want to help you and your community thrive!

Our Team

Owner & ceo

Mark Keefner

Mark is a 30+ year Industry Veteran who personally handles customer interface & order fulfillment. He also leads ongoing development of our Products & Services offerings & shipping solutions. You will often find Mark wandering in the mountains, cell phone in one hand, cappuccino in the other, enjoying nature in all her glory!

Office Manager

Jenna Keefner

Jenna is in charge of our daily operations, accounting & customer service. She utilizes the latest innovations to keep us on the leading edge of technology development and integration. She also plays a mean banjo!

Director of sales

Richard Middleton

Richard is head of sales & is a key strategist in customer-centric interfaces and light-speed order processing. As a fomer sales leader for Senex Group, he is “The Master” of multitasking and follow-through to ensure we have the happiest of customers!  


Scott Turchin

With decades of sales and marketing experience, Scott drives our outreach to the native community and people in need of superior office supplies and products. His proven experience over a variety of products and services informs his passion for excellence in service to the community. When the work is done, he plays guitar and piano to chill.

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